Next to off- and online graphic design I also took interest in video-editing. I have a network of professionals who help me with this.
Do you have a bunch of video’s and want a nice compilation? Or does your band want a stunning lyricvideo?


Music is a big passion for me. Mastering several musical instruments comes in handy. Do you need an exclusive jingle for your corporate video, radioshow or commercial? Or do you want tips or help with songwriting? Anything goes!

Also check out


The look of your company starts with the right branding.
Branding explained easily: your logo and corporate identity.


A collection of designs for flyers, gift vouchers, but also online banners for social media.

CD/Vinyl artwork

A great record needs good artwork; it’s more than just a cool frontcover!


From cool designs to printed zip hoodies delivered at your doorstep.


When you are in need of a nice cartoon, cool illustration or fun caricature.

Any questions?