The look of your company starts with the right branding.
Branding explained easily: your logo and corporate identity.


A collection of designs for flyers, gift vouchers, but also online banners for social media.

CD/Vinyl artwork

A great record needs good artwork; it’s more than just a cool frontcover!


From cool designs to printed zip hoodies delivered at your doorstep.


When you are in need of a nice cartoon, cool illustration or fun caricature.


When you need help with a videomontage or an exclusive jingle.

Creative with images and words


In need of a creative design or top of the game desktop publishing fitting your corporate identity?
Graphic solutions for your company, band, recordlabel, sportsclub or a nice design for a private occasion? No fancy chit chat, but solid communication?

With over 15 years of experience in graphic design, plenty of creativity and great customer service I can offer you what you’re looking for!

It doesn’t end with ‘just a nice image’

With years of experience with graphic software and ordering prints and merchandise it’s safe to say you can leave your idea or assignment to DPGV. Do you need someone who takes ‘that cool design’ just a little further, so it’s ready for print and 100% correct? Any questions? Mail or call me.

Any questions?